Train Journey from Delhi to Bangalore Day-1

rajdhani 1

Indian Railways is one of the biggest railway networks in the world. Although I have travelled before in the train, but, this time, around, it was really a wonderful experience.

It’s a chilling Tuesday North Indian evening and I boarded the Rajdhani Express. It was me sitting alone in my compartment and then the old couple arrives. My first reaction was shit…This journey gonna be boring….Then a girl arrived and then another 2. Then I felt relieved that there are some young people in the compartment.

Old people are full of rigid principles, they want the things as they want. So my  first encounter with the old couple started with a small argument. It is a habit of every aged person to criticize everything. There they started mocking the train, the food and what not. But that’s the story of every elder Indian. Soon things changed. We talked and then substantially they seemed to be nice people.

Then these 3 girls from 3 different states of the country – Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. They got to know that all 3 of them were going for the army interview. And here I am, one who got rejected from the NDA on the very first day, So I shared some of my experiences with them. Surprising thing was that old chap was from the navy too. That made the girls more curious.

So altogether, the first night ended on a good note.  We got to know each other and it was the start of a wonderful journey. Ohh I forgot those 2 people on the window seat.. Who are they..? What do they do..?

A lot lies in the 2nd day…….So be there….


6 thoughts on “Train Journey from Delhi to Bangalore Day-1

    1. Thanks a lot for reading. I think yes indian railways are reliable. The long train journey gifts you an experience, a memory which flights can’t offer. It somehow led to discover a new me. I would totally recommend you doing one sometime in your life if you get a chance. 😊😊


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