Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it. Day-2

rajdhani 1

This Wednesday morning was a big shock for all of us. We got to know that train didn’t move an inch the whole night because of the fog. And this was the start of an endless journey…

In Indian Railways, the food is loaded in from particular stations. It was our good luck that the train had a full stock of breakfast.  I and the girls woke up, had our breakfast but as expected the old people were still lost in their dreams..

1 of those 2 people on the window seat finally got up. He  had  not yet talked with anyone. And I was extremely curious to start a conversation with him.  Since I had no seat, he told me to come and sit with him. I am a type of person who never miss on opportunities like this. So I quickly grabbed that seat.


Chambal Valley

There was an amazing scenery outside as we passed on from Chambal valley ( famous for dacoits like Paan Singh Tomar). The man started telling me about Chambal and its history. And here comes that part which you all have been waiting for. He told me that he is in DRDO- Defence Research and Development Organisation…But I wanted to know more after hearing this… But he didn’t tell me anything about his work. He just told me that they assemble weapons and he is posted in mysore.  He even didn’t tell me his qualifications. He was restricted to share all these things with civilians.  That moment certainly gave me goosebumps… It was my dream after watching all those army  based movies to meet someone like this in real life…


And then that old couple woke up…

Jack Nicholson once said  “Well, a girlfriend once told me never to fight with anybody you don’t love.”

Fights and love are important parts of a healthy love life. Uncle and Aunty had a small fight over the breakfast.   Uncle then left the compartment…Hours passed by, but uncle didn’t come…The breakfast, me, the girls and aunty were waiting for him. This is where human affections come. A search operation for the  navy men by the army girls was planned. I went to one side and the girls went to another…And to my amazement, he was sitting near the main door…When I asked him he said it’s so peaceful here…I have been through these fights my all life…I can’t take it anymore… He was reluctant to come back. I can’t say a word to that.


Aunty was angry too and was enjoying the scenery similar to Uncle. It seems quite ironical that both of them are angry but did the same for relaxing themselves. I think that’s what a true connection is. I was just observing both of them and trying to think what wonderful life they must had. Almost 55 years of marriage, they must have gone through a lot of times like this.

The other unknown  man woke up and it was time for his role play. Lying on the upward seat, this man works in the HR soft skills department and is aged too.  He was keenly watching everything going under…

Uncle suddenly came and started deriding his marriage life.  The HR man tried to explain him, but Uncle was irate. He had his breakfast and then went back.

Aunty silent from so long started crying on this. The three girls tried to calm her. And here I was just trying to catch everything of this moment. The HR man came down and told us about life. I was deeply pressed by his graceful thoughts. In a matter of just 10 minutes, he explained us the essence of the whole life. According to his studies, everyone of us has three phases in life…Child, Adult, Parenthood and then ripe old age ( another childhood). He told us that Plato described human behaviour in three parts, Need wish – I want it,  Another Wish – First you have it,  Supervision  – I am there to help you. And when we go a bit deep, the essence of every religion is the same.


Time passed by and it was afternoon by then…Things changed and Uncle and Aunty  were back together.. We all were desperately waiting for the food… Since the train was 13 hours late, the food has to be cooked inside the train pantry.  


The beautiful evening arrived and we were in Nagpur – The land of Oranges.The navy  man was full of marvelous experiences. We all were surprised to know that the Uncle was a part of the 1961 Indian Navy Goa Operation. I could imagine everything running in my brain. I love to hear those old beautiful memories.

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser. 

After having dinner, the old ones went to sleep but I and the girls were still thinking what to do next…?  We planned to stand near the door, that cool wind was so soothing … After standing for so long, we thought of watching a movie.  I know it was a really stupid idea, but that was all we had.

I had not watched a movie with so circumspection ever before. We had to take care of the sound because of others sleeping.  We completed the movie at 3 and went to sleep…

The train was already running late by 13 hours and these army girls had to report by 2 pm the next day? Were they able to make it? And the navy man will share some of his more joyful memories the next day?  The concluding day is full of jocular moments…

So stay there for the 3rd and the final part of the journey…


5 thoughts on “Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it. Day-2

  1. Awsm!!!! i was waiting for it with extreme curiosity…………………grt job indeed…call bhi kr liyo aunty uncle g ko 🙂 :)…….


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