And here we go back in our lives – Day 3


The train was running late by 13 hours.  And worse was that the breakfast was delayed too. We got our breakfast by 10.

A hungry man can’t judge the food.

The old couple still criticized it but I focused more on eating. Whatsoever it seems to them, it was really delicious for me.

The whole train was full of army girls. All very agitated for the interview. A ground meeting was organized by these 3 girls in our compartment  to plan the next move. But ultimately it was nothing that they could do.

Thank God we were in Karnataka by then.

And in the middle of all this, Navy man started sharing more of his memories. He told us about his shooting training in the army.  The funny thing was that he always missed the target. Most of his senior officers were stymied by this.  

Since I went to sleep late and got up early, I thought of taking a power nap. But who could stop these girls from talking. And then Aunty too joined in. So I had to wake up.

Any train journey is not complete without an Antakshri. So with the lunch, the girls started playing Antakshri. But I as always initially focused on the food. Soon After I have to come in the play. The navy man then came up with his mind blowing old songs. I hadn’t heard any, though, but they seem to be nice.

You never know how the time passes by.  

We were about to reach Bangalore. Packing my stuff, I thought that this 48 hours of the journey was so amazing. But sadly  it was about to end.  

We only part to meet again – John Gay

The train finally arrived at the station. We de-boarded the train and said a Good Bye. Uncle and Aunty blessed me for my future.

Walking out of the station, I thought myself to be fortunate to be a part of this journey.

84541824 (1)

A fun loving old couple, three laborious girls,  secretive DRDO officer, and a well-composed HR department person – Each one of them was unique.

There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.- William Butler Yeats

Strangers who never knew each other turned into a small family..

Here we went back in our daily lives carrying with us the beautiful memories of this small journey….

The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning. ~Ivy Baker Priest


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