If you can dream it, you can do it. SSB Interview Part 1

It’s 3 15 pm and here I am sitting with my fellow mates, after all, those physical tasks and discussions of the day.

Suddenly a Lady enters our room and calls my chest number for the interview.

I was informed that the deputy president of the selection board will be taking my interview at sharp 4.

My initial feeling was that that’s gonna be real tough.

But I knew from my heart that these difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

All my life I have been waiting for this moment. Joining the Indian navy has always been my dream.

With all these things boggling my mind, I went for a bath and got ready to look like a perfect gentleman.

download (2)


While dressing up, I found that I didn’t have a tie. I shouted up to my roommates. They rushed to other rooms and arranged a tie for me. Till then I polished my shoes.

Then another person came and asked me to wait on the first floor for the interview.

All my friends came to me and wished me best of the luck.. It’s been 3 days here and we have become great buddies. They told me to show the same confidence and frankness with the officer that I showed with them.  We had really fun nights reading the novel – The Revolution 2020 and discussing about things.

Sitting on a chair in the waiting area, I saw a few newspapers on the table. As the time was passing, my adrenaline rushed to top. Started biting my lip, with my eyes dancing to every corner. With my heartbeat speeding rapidly, my eyes on the newspaper for some important news.

But it was the time to prove myself.   To show my passion, to achieve my dream..

Motivating myself.. . Yes you can do it Tarun…You are born for this..

I tried to relax and took a deep breath. Read some of the sports news and then a bell ranged..

images (1)

My chest number was displayed on an electronic board..

I stood up and started walking towards the room. Just 60 steps away from the room. With every step, my heart beating like thunder.

The room had curtains, I asked the officer to come in. I was surprised to see a young and smart officer.

He said, Yes come in son, you Tarun.

A quick and energetic response from my side, “ Yes Sir, Tarun Sangwan”

And from here my interview starts..

So be there for the 2nd interview part…


15 thoughts on “If you can dream it, you can do it. SSB Interview Part 1

  1. Well do u think that only by placing urself there and imagining the feelings that comes to you at that time and then taking from someone else experience about it…..will give you that inspiration to write it down….will it?


    1. Well u can see the result…. And Tarun told me abt his experience verbally… So I know how he must be feeling at that moment… I think that was enough for me to write about that….


  2. Well everything that has being written is given a thought……so yeah…its just our thinking…u think u r close enough…but me.Simple.


      1. Well then its just our thinking dude…..you cannot do anything about it….its depends upon the person on which topic he/she wants to agree or not…


      2. Vanshali…I respect everyone’s opinion….I am not saying that I agree or disagree with u…but we both have contrasting opinions… U say m missing a huge part…whereas I think I m quiet close…


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