The achievement of your goal is assured, once you commit yourself to it. SSB Interview Part-2


The first interview of my life. I was there smiling like an idiot.

The first question was quite obvious, why do I want to join the navy ? My answer was simple, Sir I fantasize about the navy. The Officer gave me a bewildered look. And I repeated it, Yes sir.. Attraction – F.A.N.T.A.S.Y, spelling it like a first grader.

He gave a slight laugh at this, and told me to have a seat. An eye to eye contact, I was exactly 15 ft away from him sitting on a sofa chair.

When today’s youth think about girlfriends, sex and drinks, you dream of joining the Navy, I think that’s where he got a bit more casual with me. Then I didn’t look him as an officer, I took him as my elder brother having a healthy talk with me.

Yes Sir, I surely think of having a girlfriend and trying all this stuff but my priority has always  been my career. And I know I am smart enough to have a girlfriend, I replied.

I told the real truth.  I knew that I just had to be myself, I didn’t have to pretend anything.

He was surprised again, just 17 and talking about career.

As the time was passing by, I was getting a lot more confident.

Me thinking –  Give it all you got, you never know if there will be a next time. 

Then he asked me about my co- curricular activities. Apart from sports I have never been such an active participant of these activities. But I somehow managed to tell him about some of the competitions. I never participated in all these activities during my high school because of my focus on studies and sports.

15 minutes passed by and I was enjoying this Interview. Where people usually crumble, I was so normal. Both of us keeping a cheerful smile, moved on.


So tell me about your daily schedule ? – He asked. I had a fixed routine since the past 6 months because of my preparations for the SSB. I told him my exact timetable.

Then a rapid fire. My 3 best friends, the meaning of their names and what they think about you?

Then I was to tell  about my flaws, and what should I do to improve them. I knew that I had to work on my communication skills and a bit on my stamina. Impressive, He said.

Tick Tock Tick Tock, Time was passing by and I think I was doing an impressive job.

I knew that If I train well and stay focused, I’m confident I can deliver when the time comes.

Then some G.K. questions about ISIS and Greece economic crisis. Although I knew a little,  I managed to give a satisfying response  about these problems.

The next one was unexpected – Which country do u think is the enemy of India ? I gave a diplomatic answer because I personally think that there is no such thing as friend or enemy. They just do it for their profit, nothing else and that is not permanent.

With a Slack-jawed expression on his face. he put up another rapid fire. This time about my family. Anyone can answer about the family. The difficult part is to remember all of them.  Firstly the questions were put and then I had to answer one by one.

He then wanted to know about my dream posting. I had been very clear to this that one day I want to work on the India’s only aircraft carrier – INS Vikramaditya and my dream rank would be that of Admiral.

INS Vikaramaditya

Why not Admiral of the fleet – A honorary rank given for excellence in the wartime ?  A quick response from my side, I never want India to fight a war.

Officer laughing, Coming to defense forces and thinking that there will be no war, quite optimistic? At this moment I was numb for a second, but then I responded without a doubt. Well sir, These are my thoughts, but if it comes about the safety of the country, I will give my best to eliminate the target. The officer nodded with approval.  

Who has confidence in himself will gain the confidence of others.  – Leib Lazarow

After this he inquired about the great Ashoka. I told him about his life and his glories. Then a bit about the Buddhism, which was greatly promoted by the emperor.  

Shaking hands, It was nice meeting you Tarun.

And I came out of the room, still smiling with my head held high. I did my best and that’s what mattered.


I believed in myself. I knew that there was something in me that is greater than any obstacle.

Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it.


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