“Everything happens for a reason”


A-Scania-Touring-BusGet up Raman, Get up, Sham shouted in the morning.

It was already 7 am and they have to take the bus at 8 am from Main Bus Stand, Delhi to Dehradun. Raman and Sham have been childhood best friends and fate put them in the same college too. It was their first trip after coming to engineering college  and both were pretty excited for that.

They took the Auto Rickshaw and reached the bus stand by 7 45 am.

Raman pointed, Come on buddy that’s our bus. They bought the tickets and sat on 18-19 seat numbers.  Sham had planned everything a week ago. Rajaji National Park, Robber’s Cave and then a lot of adventure sports in Mussoorie.

Finally, their journey started and the bus was a full house with most of them youngsters like Raman and Sham.

The food last night  in their hostel mess didn’t suit Raman, he was not feeling that well. After nearly 1 and a half hour, he had a nausea. And the sudden turns in the journey made the conditions much worse.

Although Sham was hoping for a great journey but he thought of  getting down and consult a doctor. Raman knew very well that it was a dream trip for Sham, he tried to convince him, but as a true best friend Raman took him to the nearest hospital.

They spent the whole day there and then returned back to the college.

I am sorry, said Raman. Nothing is over your health buddy, we will plan it some other day, Sham consoled him.

The next morning  Raman was shocked to see the front page news in Delhi Times,

2 killed as bus and truck collide in Uttar Pradesh

Raman was numb for a moment, was it the same bus we deboarded ?

The bus was going from New Delhi to Dehradun and the passengers sitting at 18-19 seats were reported death along with 36 casulaties.

Oh my god, how can that be ?, Raman was in shock.

Sham  Sham, see this, and he just said one line after reading that.



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