The Lovely Girl


Up there in the wonderful sky, Lived a queen with gorgeous eyes

Beautiful, elegant and lovely this girl was

An elegant charming prince her only wish was

Years passed by but nobody came

But she had a strong belief in her claim

People mocked her because of this belief

But she had no one in this grief

And then one day when the queen was sleeping in her hub

The handsome prince finally came up

This king was magical, smart and attractive

Enough to make the girl’s world festive

The prince found this princess as the most beautiful

And that made the girl’s life truthful

Soul Mates – They were perfect for each other

Kisses and Hugs, one after another

But everything didn’t go as expected

When  something new was detected

The King cheated on our pretty girl

Just because of some other pearl

And then the wind stopped blow

When the princess became low

So in love was she with the prince

If he really loved her, he would never had cheated – That was hard to convince

The time heals every brutal wound

No longer was she bound

But the strong trust that was broken

Made some permanent marks unspoken

Our lovely girl was all alone again

It may took years for herself to regain

But the strong princess moved on from all this

And made some best friends for her bliss

She explored and travelled this amazing world

There is so much to learn, so much to cheer- her brain whirled

And here she was, in an all new form

Breaking all those social norms

Maybe what she thought as bad and silly

Was to make this girl more lovely….


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