The Home Burnt



Just now I went to see what great deeds these people did

Sadly there is nothing left in the grid

It’s hard to see that  terror and hopelessness in people’s eyes

Only we people know about their cries

Getting a text from a friend far away

So worried she was about her family and city  all night and day

Wants to come to her parents but unable to do anything  at this time

Dumbstruck and depressed she is, because of this downtime

Just then I saw a family sitting in front of a burnt shop

All of their business and everything  has gone because of this violent mob

Sad that our city  has  moved 10 years back

Only because of these people who are fighting to become back

Peaceful protests were the best way to get their demands fulfilled

But more than reservation agenda, politics was played as ears were filled

Our Hometown  people in other cities fear of coming back here

That delightful city has suddenly disappeared

Being here at the ground zero, I have experienced that fear

Heartbeats turning fast as the violent crowd is just near

Another shopkeeper committed suicide

Nobody  knew about his worries and demise

One of the Jat soldier lost his life there in Kashmir

And these ruthless people did not even allow  to pass martyr’s corpse  

What did they get, What did they gain

They just gave the innocents so much pain

My hometown is  all burnt

Nothing said by us and nothing they learnt..

Pulkit Garg

P.S. – Based on the recent riots in my city.


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