spiral staircase

Oh Here I see the first step to that stairway

My mommy’s words came into my mind  – This journey would not be a fair play

There would be heart breaks but many reasons to cheer about

A bit nervous I am that maybe I would be left out

Putting up the courage I took the first step

My first day at the job seems like a perfect web

And then there from far away I can see my boss coming

So determined I am in my work, he is praising

Getting promotion, I take my next step on this way

And this was the time to finally get married

Found the right girl, now I wasn’t worried

But maybe this was not meant to be as perfect as it was

Recession hit on me and my wife, as stairway took a sharp turn

Putting our happy life to a pause

Fights we had, now what should we do

It’s the real test, I told her to keep calm, soon we will get a nice view

And then it finally happened, the bad phase just went off

We both moved on to the next step, for another runoff

This was a start of the next part of my life

A father now I am, blessed with a small baby girl

Excited we both named her pearl

And here we are, three members now

I didn’t imagine the stairway to be that wow

Life just moved on, as small steps we all took

What a marvellous journey it had been, from the top I looked

Retirement came up, as stairway was about to end

But this was the time for Pearl to ascend

Another stairway was waiting for her

I and my wife gave her blessings and told her only one thing about this stairway

My dear girl, ” This journey would not be a fair play. “

Pulkit Garg










4 thoughts on “Stairway

  1. That’s very inspiring, a completely different outlook on life as opposed to what i’m used to reading. Well congrats on your baby girl, I hope Pearl does ascend and succeeds in life. Keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for reading it. Pearl is not my baby girl. It was just out of all imagination. I am still a college student. ☺☺ But I really appreciate your kind words. Thanks a lot again.


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