Wish he was there..


It was 11 pm on a chilling Monday night.

I was off to bed after my studies and watching a bit of television.

And my cousin came running, in extreme pain, we rush to the hospital. He had this small stone in his kidney for the last 6 months which bothered him often. We headed straight to the hospital with his wife accompanying him, and I parked the car. He was admitted and I was told to sit out in the waiting area.

Emergencies were coming in and I was glad that every patient there was treated successfully. And then there he came in, a 23-year-old boy,  accident case with a minor injury on head. Workers hurried with the stretcher. I stood up, took a glimpse of his condition and came back my place. Being a doctor’s son, I have seen such cases before, and I was sure soon he will be all good. The head doctor took the charge as soon as he was admitted. He was accompanied by his brother and father and based on my observation they were from a  poor family.

Emergency care

Tick Tock Tick Tock, clock was running, I was more worried about that boy more than my cousin. I just went inside to see him, and he was all good by now. And on the other bed, I saw the boy, he seemed to be unconscious, but everything was going right. Drips were in place, the monitor was attached  and oxygen was supplied too.

It was thirty past twelve, and oh gosh his father came out with his brother and started crying. And the irony was that brother seemed to be all okay. For a bit I felt a sea of anxiety deep down. But then I realized, yes it must be some financial problem. It was one of the most expensive hospitals in the capital.

I was thinking, What more is valuable than your son’s life.

Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor.    – Sholom Aleichem

And I was off to go when my cousin’s wife told me to get the car. I went out and there I saw his father again, crying badly all alone somewhere in the corner. And here my heart thumped, was the boy really fine. Was that really not a serious injury ? But then again I was at peace to see his brother, he was all okay, getting the money to be paid.

“Poor dad you should be happy that your son in fine. “ I thought to console him from my thoughts.


So finally it was time to leave the hospital when my cousin was all fit and fine. Just to share a bit of my experience, “ Did you see that accident case, brother ?”

And his wife was, yes we did, he DIED ON THE SPOT.

“ No No that can’t be, he will be good soon, I visited his bed a couple of times.”  My confidence spoke.

“Well then you go and see yourself, they are preparing his death certificate.”, my cousin told me. As soon as I heard this, I ran in, and just to confirm, I asked the main attendant, “Is that patient alive?”

Giving a dumbstruck look at me, “Sir, he was dead since he was brought up here.”

Panic took all over my body. Suddenly I didn’t know how to speak, or walk. It was a tight slap on all my internal belief. I stood their blankly, staring at the hall in front of me.

I went inside the hall, still in doubt. And then I saw his brother again, getting the formalities done. Although he seemed to be okay, but he was not, he was stammering, hiding his pain deep in there. ” Oh come on you people, give him some time for himself, I am sure he will pay all the money and will fulfill all your formalities.”, me contemplating. These people don’t realize that he has just lost his real BROTHER. Instead of supporting that young boy, they were being rude to him. How difficult is must have been from him? Since he came, he was busy making phone calls and filling those forms. He didn’t even have the time to meet his brother. 


I put up the courage to have a look at the boy, but I couldn’t take more of it, I came out. 

The boy of whom I was thinking will be fine soon, was never there. And then I realized that suffering in his father’s tears.  He was still there all alone in the corner, crying hard, beating his head.  What more worst could be than losing a young son of just 23 years. He must had great aspiriations from him. Dying to hear his voice, Every small memory of that 23 years, since the time he was born, that must be hitting him so hard. With every single drop falling, his sorrow was increasing. 

I wish if he could rewind the time a bit, and could save his boy. 


Thinking what must have been boy praying, when that truck approached him, “God please give me some more time, just to say goodbye to all my affectionates.” But boom came that, and he was no more.

Carrying all this burden on my shoulders, I went home, still perplexed. It was just nothing I could do. I was all helpless.

Wish he was there for some more with that caring father. I wish he was there…



7 thoughts on “Wish he was there..

  1. Well, I can sense the pain of the father and brother. Even I have been experienced something like this. One of my seniors in the school met with an accident. I can really know the pain of losing a young enthusiastic soul from around us.
    P.S. it is bitter but true that hospitals never consider such emotions as you mentioned about the brother of the boy.

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    1. I am glad that you could relate to that tamanna. And that’s really sad that your senior met with an accident. And yes it’s true that doctors are quite insensitive but it’s nothing that they can do. Circumstances make them behave like that. It was my first visit to an emergency ward and I encountered something like this which must be common for all the doctors out there. So although they may be feeling for that boy and his brother from inside but they have to be rigid and hard.
      P.S. It was the first time that I wasn’t able to find any positives in my experience.

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