My World, My place


1I usually stand on my terrace for a bit of relaxation after my studies. That pleasant wind and a cup of coffee are greatly soothing for me. One day I thought of analyzing my world.  Yes, you heard it right “the place where I come from”. It is the most interesting place you have ever heard of. So buckle up your seatbelts and get ready for a wonderful journey of my amazing world with me.

Right at the back of my house, I see a 200-year-old palace. Quite surprised ? Built in the later half of the 17th century and in ruins,  this place certainly belongs to some king. When I stroll my eyes beyond that it  is a great and a fully developed area with several “Supermarkets”.  Seems like a paradox..!  but yes this is the situation near my place.


Standing on my terrace I thought about a girl in my neighbourhood. She was studious and scholarly. With great dreams in her mind and firm determination, she got into  a premier institute of engineering where selection is not the easiest thing to nail. What would any parent do in that situation? One would expect them to be very cheerful and happy  and send her to the college. On the contrary, they did not send her to any college. Their philosophy is that girls are made just for household chores. Making girls study is just to get them the best husband. I could still imagine the dilemma of the  girls who are brought up in such an environment. Where girls are restricted in these social reforms, boys have the right to do anything. Considered the family saviours who have the responsibility of maintaining the family legacy, they are the ones who have no restrictions.


There have been many women who fought against these social norms and emerged as champions. One such woman is my dear “Mother”. With a polymath and tenacity  about studies, She dreamt of becoming a judge. But in this primeval society, for girls, it was even hard to pass the high school, to become a judge was a pure imagination. She fought till the end and passed her high school. She was offered a full scholarship in a college in her native city but my grandparents kept her constrained. Soon thereafter she got married. My father, a doctor himself, motivated her to study hard. He is  certainly an angel for my mom. After continuous hard work, she did graduation in Maths and Sanskrit. Although she was unable to fulfill her fantasy of becoming a judge but still she is a fighter for me and my siblings. She still manages all the finance and legal matters of the house.


Moving towards the front side of terrace  I see small nomadic children collecting waste on the road. What future they can expect? Imagining their life makes me quite emotional. My heart cries for these children who live in harsh conditions. At the time when they are supposed to enjoy their childhood, they are surrounded by heaps of waste. With a lot of pressure on these small tiny shoulders, I greatly feel for them. I and my parents certainly give our best effort to improve their lives.For instance, we serve them food and clothes during weekends. Moreover, we are also associated with an organization, which teaches Indian north east children for free, since the last 10 years. Hoping for their bright future I move on.

Turning towards my left I see the house containing a primitive family. Being a tenacious follower of pathetic social norms like dowry, condition of women is certainly not appreciable there. Recently during their son’s marriage, they demanded a large sum of money as dowry. The girl was extremely well educated and thus filed a case against the boy. The family was punished under the social injustice act by the court. This girl is an inspiration for many other poor families caught in the hands of these social norms.


Moving back  I see children playing football in the playground . These small children seem to be overjoyed and extremely satisfied with their life. Watching them play makes me remember my childhood days. With no worries at all, everything I did was just for happiness.I still cry remembering those beautiful days of my life. Those were the days of my awesomeness. Whoever has said, has certainly said it right “Childhood is the best part of your life.” It is the one part that I want to live again.  People in search of success and in the rat race  lose the importance of the phases of their life. These are the certain moments that when I look back make me happy and cheerful.  

Surrounded with diverse localities, you can imagine how my world must be. Things are changing a lot. Many people are learning about the importance of education. With people gradually changing their thoughts  I can see a new world from my terrace. Taking my own example, a very few people in my city would have imagined of going abroad for studies. But it’s all a matter of motivation and guidance from my family.

Ohh I forgot my cup of coffee is finished. Describing my world I lost complete track of  time. Time passes by and I and my world move on. I think it’s late now. I should go back and study. Till then you think about my beautiful and charming world. See you then……



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