Sunday Stories with Ivy


Happy Sunday

A few days back while reading a WordPress blog, I found out Ivy’s blog.

The name – Finding Ikigai was itself so catchy that I straight away went on to check her blogs. I got to know that Ikigai is a Japanese concept meaning “A reason for being”. After reading her works and knowing her so much, I am quite sure that she will soon find her Ikigai. We both got to learn a lot from each other. 

And then I got to know about her amazing concept of Sunday Stories. I sent in one of my poems about the “Peaceful Morning” and I am glad that she liked it. Soon we started talking on E-mails. She asked me some interesting questions about my outlook to this lovely world.  As we exchanged emails, she got more curious to know about me and my experiences.

She is an eloquent writer and a wonderful human being too. Like me, she also loves to find positives out of everything. I am greatly thankful to her that she helped me in spreading my word to the world. Ultimately we all want this world to be a happy place.

I would strongly recommend all of you to share your stories with her. She is always enthusiastic to know about different people and their lives.

If you want to get in touch privately, her email is Likewise, if you want to be a Sunday story, please write to her

I am very happy to be a part of this Sunday Story.

What are you waiting for then… Go and read it> > Finding Ikigai 


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