Three Crazy Stars


It’s summer holidays and kids are rushing to learn painting.

I spend 2 hours at the painting class and I would say that’s the best time of my day. Lot of people come and go, some experts and  some learners like me. It’s a place where people of the age 6 to 50 years, all learn the painting under the same roof. I particularly got a golden chance to observe three of the fresh buds.


  1. The Art Prodigy

This kid is so talented at an age of 8. Where I spent an hour to make a sketch, he does it just in 10-15 minutes. As soon as he enters the class, he takes some corner and then does magic in his sketchbook. I don’t know why but most of the time he is silent and just concentrates on his own work. I think his art says a lot. Where other small kids chatter-patter, he is kinda serious and seems quite mature.  Our teacher says he is a true artist , all others praise his work, but this kid never responds. He never asks anything from the teacher.  I don’t know what, but there is sth deep inside him as if he has some own world to him. Maybe he is just like other kids too. It’s just that he has a great interest in sketching. I remember when his brother used to come. When he came to pick his brother with their mom, he used to come inside and stand there. I could see that zeal and patience in him during that time. I know he will do great wonders when he grows up. He is certainly a prodigy.


  1.    My Innocent Weak Buddy

Around 5 days back, it was his first day. It was just me, him and two other small girls in the class. Where I was busy in making an oil painting, others were busy making the sketches. My teacher has created some masterpieces and he has placed them all around the class. Suddenly out of nowhere this kid asks me, Hey did you paint all of these, assuming me to be an artist. With a slight laugh, I said no obviously no, that’s been made by sir. Ohh so you are learning too, in exclamation he replied. I said yes am a student like you. So you are weak in painting  ?, he questioned. Yup, I said, I am quite weak you see. Buddy am very weak in painting like you, he replied, as if he found some companion among all these experts. And that was a great relief from him, I could see that on his face. Buddy, your painting is great, I turned and just looked at him, I said thanks. Although a lot others say that, but I don’t know why that day I was numb. I could sense that inner happiness, like yes now I can believe that my painting is good, like I was waiting just for his approval. I know that in around 1 month he will not be calling himself weak. That cute little innocence of this kid is worth praising.


  1.  The Bubbly Crazy Kid

Now, this kid is out there just for fun. He is never serious in his work, he comes, spends some quality time there and goes back to home. Around 7, he is a chubby bubbly true kid. Spending just half an hour that day with him, made me laugh a lot. Most of the time he lost in himself, making faces, shaking his head in that hilarious way or making those masterpieces. I still remember that day when my teacher made him a flower and asked what that is ?, at first, he was silent, looked closely at the sketchbook, spent another 2 minutes thinking and scratching his forehead and replied yes sir, that’s a cycle. Then another day he lost his sleepers, instead of finding them, he went outside barefoot with his brother. I and my teacher call him “The Little Elephant”. You see he doesn’t care about anything, always extremely happy and full of energy. He is living his childhood to the fullest.

So that’s the beauty of my painting class. These 3 crazy minds are a lot different from others. Where one is good at sketching, the 2nd one is still learning, and the 3rd one is a happy go lucky guy.

Okay bye then am getting late for my class.


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