And the Rain was no more the same !!



As soon as he got up in the morning

Was astonished to find it raining

Finally, God has shown some mercy

Some drops of water for the thirsty

And here he gathered his friends, went out on cycles to feel that rain

That joy and excitement in their eyes, there was so much to gain

Rain drops felt on the innocent cute faces

Heads turned and roads changed their places

And there someone passed by in a luxurious car

His eyes went on these kids, living like superstars

And he realized, some people just get wet, others feel the rain

Guys let’s play football, said the gang leader

Enjoying their childhood to the best, the future achievers

And years passed by…

Little boys turned into men..

Playgrounds transformed to concrete jungles..

No more was the group

No more that chilled life

Happiness was now all about money

No more fun, Everything became scummy

What were they running for, they never realized

Thought themselves to be civilized but they were actually disguised by this illusory life


And then the time turned back on them

As the cycles were converted into expensive cars

This time it was raining,

but it was no more the same

It was no more the same…


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