Dad’s Last Wish

3e101799babebc3a8489c1df745d1e68He got up at 7, got ready for the office

And dad was resting there far away in some closet


He dropped his wife to work and child to the school

Dad had a normal start to the day with gardening of plants with a hand tool


It was a hectic day, he came late

His child was wide awake in his wait


Dad read the newspaper, and then realized it was 19th June

He was waiting for years for that love,

The sweet little new moon had now become opportune


As soon as he reached home…

Happy Father’s Day, cake was cut, it was his day

Cheerful smile came on his face, all that tiredness washed away


The old dad remembered…337171

The day…

When he took his first step

He left for the school

He graduated from college

He got his first job

And that day when he left the home…


That delight went away soon,

Wish from his small child, made him remember his own days

Time when he used to make a card

And Dad used to get amazed


Years since they together walked

Now both of them just talked with the empty walls


Deep down that love, that connection still existed

Hiccups both sides, memories depicted


He searched his contact list, Pups was the name

Dad searched his old diary, little angel was his nickname


Busy with someone else, as the operator said

Another call after 5 minutes, but still the same thread

Finally this time, his phone was connected

His nails were already bitten down to the quick

Shaking his legs, Pups was afraid to pick

download (1)


Just before the hangup, Dad answered the phone

Long breaths interrupted the silence

Daaa…d. He said in an undertone..


Pups had waited anxiously since so long

Happy Father’s Day he said, his child singing along


All bushes were cleared

So happy So joyful So glowing was their wishes…

Like his last wish came true..

His last wish came true…



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