Veni Vidi Amavi – We came, We saw, We loved 

The clock turned 12:00 and date turned  20. 0be6936b5f1e942a06ad52921fea0acd

She took the photograph from other side and looked out from the window, saw the endless sky. The luminescent moon was already waiting for her. She smiled at him and the moon replied by embracing it’s light on her face.

She looked at the photograph in the moonlight and whispered, “Happy birthday my love.”

She was up all night waiting for the sunrise. Finally, it was the time to meet him.  

She spent her whole night, talking to the moon, telling it about how they first met. It was years back but it seems like yesterday.

September 11, a guy already looking at me from a little distance as I entered in the hall. Our eyes saw each other for a few seconds and I entered my class. Messy hair, black shirt, blue ripped jeans, thin skinny body, black shoes and those spectacles.

2 months passed…

Our eyes met but we never talked.

That day I entered the hall he was not there…

My heartbeats were on a run, my eyes searching him, I looked around but he was nowhere. Disappointed, I turned my head down and walked away. Maybe it was all over. Maybe it was a dream. And then surprisingly she heard a voice “I’m at your back”. Yes, He was standing right behind me with a shy smile on that face. We looked at each other and sudden tingling hit her stomach. Staring went on. Minutes passed but nobody blinked. So peaceful it was. The time stopped for some time. The wind started blowing with that sweet fragrance.


And here she became they…The I turned into us…

Where he was flawless and calm like the moon, she was fearless and bright as the sun.

Two different souls had one connection – Love.

It was freezing outside but memories of their love gave her warmth.

Soon the sun rose,

She got ready wearing her favourite red dress with black coat and that beautiful scarf around her neck ­along with this her favourite boots. But something was missing, oh yes the ring, how can I forget that, he gifted me on the last Valentine’s, her heart spoke.  And here she was, looking all perfect, like a queen.

She bought their favourite chocolate cake and flowers while going to the bus stop. The bus came and she was desperately waiting to see him. She took her seat and started listening songs. Every song carried a different memory of their love.

Closing her eyes, feeling that cold soothing wind, she started thinking about their long drives in winter, hands in each other’s pockets, and those hugs and kisses.

Yelling on the phone but becoming numb when they meet. From pillow fight to television remote. From sleeping in each other’s arms under stars to going on road trips.

We hate..We love.. We cry.. We laugh..

No matter how many times we smashed doors in anger but at night we were the same. The farther we go the closer we came.

She opened her phone, the 3 hrs and 300 miles’ journey was coming to an end. That long journey seemed like started a minute ago.


Thinking about those loving memories, she didn’t realise when the time passed by.

She took a taxi and she stopped at the gate.

As soon as she entered the gate she felt, he already knows she is coming to see him. With a huge smile she rushed inside searching for him.

There he is, my man…

She ran towards and stood in front of him, bent down and kept flowers on his grave.

Happy birthday, baby.

I’m sorry. I know I’m late but you know traffic. Look it’s your birthday don’t get mad I brought our favourite chocolate cake and I’m hungry as always.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, May god bless you,

She started singing the choir, accompanied by the dancing trees and lovely rain.

Cutting the cake, she kept the flowers and took a bite from it. She took out all the old pictures and letters they exchanged. Read and laughed on silly pictures they clicked, but soon that happiness was gone. She rested her head on his grave and filled that with tears.

I miss you. I miss you so damn much. I will love you forever.

– Magical Jasmine


Looking all this from the heaven

She is my most beautiful’s possession


She was looking so beautiful and gorgeous

Ohh my god I may get unconscious


Here I see that diamond ring

O my princess, you have been my everything


Loved that smell of the jasmine and roses from the bouquet

For the first time the smell of the her perfume faded away


Ohh my god, that’s chocolate cake is so yummy

Honey I seriously need to keep a check on my tummy


Well thanks a lot for that birthday song

My baby, you have always been there for me since so long


I have been waiting since so long for that delightful smile

Your cheeks now glow, you look like the lily of nile


You see that picture with our crazy faces

And those love letters we exchanged at different places


Hey sweetheart, now don’t cry

Come on now, dry your eyes

You look so good, my cutie pie


Awww I love you too my baby girl

And wind passed on her face,

It was his kiss to this pearl..


And this is a promise from my heart

My lovely queen

I can forget u never

We will spend the rest of our lives together

And our love will last forever

Our love will last forever…


                                                                                                                       –  Ink Blur



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