The Funny Man

Image result for a family dinner

It was a family time

Which came a very few times in the life time

Lots of memories were to be shared

But everyone was unprepared

Hidden with in their lives, shattered with feelings

Sometimes they needed someone for their hearings

There sat the master of the family

He made this kingdom himself happily

The mother sat just beside him, other half on the side

He was looking at his two sons with pride

He has faced a lot, he has made a lot

To reach this darling spot

Sweet and humorous incidents he started sharing

Each one of them had laughs, started glaring

And then he mentioned about his father

That’s where he got this humor in order

The way he talked,

The way he  behaved,

The way he walked,

Everything about his Dad was entertaining

Everyone was having fun uncomplaining

And suddenly that one tear fell down

He drowned in emotions and frowned

That attachment and love towards father came on

A pain that he was hiding from so long

A memory that he wanted to share since so long

Was now revealed,

He now felt a bit relieved

But this was the only time he cried

This was the only time the funny Man cried…

                                                                                                                                –    Ink Blur



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