As soon as she came out of that solid womb

She said, It was a long 9 month journey, let me relax a bit and gloom


But everything was not like she thought

She was passed around in people’s laps to different spots


Years passed by and she grew up

Had to learn a totally new language and a lot new things, her mind blownup


And then when she thought of resting a bit

She was sent to kindergarten with a new bag and kit  


Ohh finally she passed those 12 years of my school

Many a times was made fool,

Other times ridiculed

But the school life has been really cool


Well finally now I may relax, she hoped

Right away she was sent to college, her rest was choked


Had to do a lot in these 4 years

She won upon many fears

Sometimes was in tears because of peers

But finally she graduated with cheers


And now when she thought to take a nap,

A high paying job was waiting for her, she was in a trap


Love came knocking on her door

She found her other half, who she fell for


Moving on to a new phase, she married

In a year she turned and smiled

Will soon have a child

Nine months she carried


As she was thinking about all those years passed by

There was nothing to be sad about, but nothing was of joy


She just had one thing to say to her coming child,

Looking at her she smiled


You melt me like hot candle wax

Trust me everyone would be having the same climax

My dear Darlin’, please just relax

Please just relax..

– Ink Blur



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