A Shore in Me


Down there I was standing by the beach

The sea seemed beyond my reach


Marvellous waves came by my feet

That sweet tickle seemed so sweet


I was looking at my feet covered with glaring water

Sea took me all over in,

Wanted to say something by fishes and otter


I was trying to feel it in, as I bent to say a Hi

There was exact same me behind, but a bit petrified


What happened buddy, you soon gonna fly

But he was still in a bit awry


It’s all a trap, you are disguised, he replied

Leaving everything behind, this sea would paralyzed


It hit me hard, It hit me hard

I was scared and starred


Come flow with me, Come drown in me

He tried to push me

Poor Boy, I will show you the life under the sea


Terrified, Startled I climbed up,

Far beyond its reach

It didn’t want me to go, was trying to beseech


Forcing it back, I reached the shore

But he had something more, something grandeur


Thou Boy, he shouted

A huge wave hit me,

I was astounded


All your excitement will fall off, all your confidence will be shattered

Leaving me alone and scattered

I didn’t serve you for this

Abandoning me for your bliss


All these long walls I hit

I try my best to move ahead and outlive


Oh Boy, You will have to face an army

I don’t want you to fall down, because that hurts me  


My dear friend, please calm down

Rising up from the breakdown,

Is what it takes to achieve that crown


Don’t you worry, Don’t you worry

I am a grownup kid now, I am not in hurry


I know I am moving really far

To fulfill my dreams

To live a new life

In a different avatar


It was time to go,

I had to say him bye


I found the lyrics of my life, in the song of these waves

Small glaring water droplets embraced my face

Oh my dear friend sea, you always had someplace

You always had someplace..




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