Happy New Year 2017



So here we move on to a new year

Trust me people, we are in the same sphere

Get ready you all with your gears


A lot happened in 2016

Many have been on top of their egos

Some have been really clean


Ohh 2016 was so so bad

People have always been mad


For me this year was a twist

Moved to America, completed most of my bucket list πŸ˜›


Added a lot to my blog

I am proud to be a part of UW dawgs


Made many new friends from different boundaries

People that will last for centuries

Made many memories


Gathered upon old friends

Who will remain with me till the life story ends


Every single day was a new learning experience

I tried my best to make a difference


All in all, this year has been lots of fun

I hope it had been the same for everyone


New is the year, new are the hopes

Promising future and lots of love for you all is my horoscope


A great cheer to this new year 2017

Happy New Year guys !!


– Ink Blur



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