Loving a Broken One


It all started back in the sixth grade

He  saw that lovely girl,  saw that wonderful eyeshade

She said him a Hi,

He was almost about to fly


That feeling was way beyond expectation

She is the God’s most beautiful creation


Soon strangers became friends

You gotta hang out there till the story ends


Years passed by as they moved on to high school

Being best friends with her was so cool


Talking to her was the best feeling in the world

Spending time with her was like a dream world


Everything was not so perfect

Someone else took her

He was so shocked, it had a huge effect


Life has been unfair to all

Everything happens for good was his only call

They still talked, thoughts still shared

They still cared, But his pain was never spared


Keeping fingers crossed, hoping, he moved on

Soon there was brightness in the dawn

She came back heartbroken

He hugged her tightly, this bond was still unbroken


Should I tell her now, or should I not

He kept thinking,

Ohh I may lost that friendship

What if she goes again

Nothing seems convincing


Finally he took the first step

Showed up at midnight on her doorstep

Gathering up the spirits,

Feeling the gentle breeze

He uttered,

Dear Girl

I finally say what I have been trying to say since so long

You may feel like I am crazy, but don’t take me wrong

You are my best friend,

My human diary, and my other half

You mean the world to me and I love you

And she came close, as everything came to a halt

They kissed and she cried

Such an idiot, took so long to reveal

Like in heaven, I feel


When things got better again

It was time to graduate from high school

Start of the college life, a totally new campaign


They met each other weekend

Although they were very close

Girl started thinking that they were at distinct ends


Too much attachment started hurting

Tensions erupted,

Solutions the boy started searching


Poor guy, he tried a lot

The girl’s soul got into deep pain

Became almost impossible to tie the broken knot


Distance she thought was too much

Missed him a lot,

Why can I look but never touch


The boy didn’t give up till the end

There was no more of that sweet talks

No more of soothing sleep

She thought it was time to make amends


We should take a break, she said

A warm hearted man was at stake

Why don’t you understand

It was delightful but now you have to leave my hand


Tears fell down from those pure eyes 

He just had one reply.

I loved you yesterday, love you still

Always have, Always will..

– Ink Blur



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