He was wandering in the world unknown

Looking for someone beloved

who treats him like his own


Blood shattered with beautiful carvings on his soul

Tried looking for a healer

But  things were beyond reason or control


Full of pain, he pretended to be all good and fine

Lost all hopes, accepted the life

Nobody accepted him as mine


Then he met someone when he was at work

She knew about him much more than he expected

Maybe she was the perk


He became a solid insensitive rock

Neither smile, nor tears

Produced any excitement or shock


But he was a human being too

Somewhere deep inside was hiding his pain

And untreated injuries

Were waiting for someone with a connecting view


Surprisingly, the woman knew about that worry

Somehow she could connect

She made some efforts, they started talking

Was like a God’s angel

But she wasn’t in any hurry


Time passed by,

Now he had a friend

Life was waiting for him with an unnoticed end


The solid boy now had a heart

He had now someone to talk to

And talk about his lost part


Then one day when they were out by the beach

He confessed about his wife,

She didn’t know swimming

I tried but she was far beyond my reach

The  woman held his hand,

He became numb

She hugged him, I will help you overcome


A painful soul can connect with another, she said

Gave him some letters from his wife

The dearest friend was looking for a truth

Maybe it was a dream because she is dead


She went away handing him those messages

She didn’t have the answers,

But she gave him bandages

No more was he  lost  

She showed her where the exit is


He never found her again

She went away with the pain

He was happy to read those lovely letters

Each one ended with the same thought

No matter where I am, our love will last forever

Our love will last forever.

-Ink Blur



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