Sketch by – Rubal Hooda

Hey you


There are a lot more good things to come

You didn’t get love, but there are true friends who will give you some


You have been through much worse

It’s just a bad phase, will go on, there is nothing to curse


Trust me all this hardship and patience will pay at the end

You always have by your side a beautiful friend

Trust her, just believe in her, you will soon ascend


I know it’s hard to fight your own self

To hard to control yourself

But hey there are lot of people out there

Who believe in you, more than you do in yourself


I know you miss your old being

You are going through different melodies of meaning  

You feel the end is near

But in the end you will realize you were dreaming


No, No don’t need to draw that red painting on your hand

You possess the powers of both sea and land


Just have a look around

To that glowing flower

To that bright moon

To that shining sun

To those real happy faces

To that playful squirrel


I know nothing much can help you at the moment

Don’t worry, this time is an omen

Something so great and surprising is to come

Which will surely make you numb


Come on now, leave that unwanted soul

Go out and live your life like whole

You are a fighter

You are a survivor

I believe in you

Don’t lose hope

I know it’s a hard journey

But I will wait for you at the end of rope

I will wait for you..


 – Ink Blur


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