The Audacious Hero

Painting by – Harshita Batra

When the triggers were being pulled

Enemy was being overruled

They lost a man, in that tank

Sergeant was feeling the guilt, he didn’t get a chance to thank

This was a war

Many people were dying to maintain peace at home, they were really far


Soon sergeant got a new man

He never used a gun, nor he can

He had to learn to be brutal now

Believed in God, he don’t know how


And then was assigned a name and a position

Sight and Shoot, was the only condition

Sergeant knew it takes courage to pull up that trigger

But he had to understand this was for something lot bigger


And then they lost their men because of his mistake

Ohh he was just a child, I didn’t shoot, he was beaten up, he had to break

It was hard to change this innocent kid

He had to realize, he was doing this for his country, God would not forbid


Things got rough, when they lost another close man

Anger and Frustration boosted

Kill streak became uncountable, he started doing the best he can

He felt like at home in that metal compartment

This is the best job ever had, that was their encouragement


No more was he that weak fellow

No more was he in fear

Every killing,

Every shot in enemy’s head,

Became pleasing to his ear


He would never ever forget that one day

Thousands marching towards them

They were the only ones left

No option of giving up

They had a duty to do

A lot was happening behind them


They killed,

They shot,

They never stepped back

But soon they were out of the ammo pack


Sergeant was shot right in the head

And so did the others lost their lives

They did their job, never disappointed

But he knew only a few survives

He was the only one now alive


This was the time he feared again,

This was the time he thought again,

He had nothing to lose, nothing to gain


He escaped from the hatch

Enemy went away,

But he lost all whom, he was attached

When the rescue team came the next day

Were astonished to find him awake


He got worried, hearing another troop of soldiers

Pointed out the gun, and was feeling colder

Hey it’s us, there is one survivor,

He relaxed, they holded him higher


And then one of the soldier’s came to him

What he said, made him numb

He was hopeless, he was hopeless of this outcome

He never thought that he would become,

You are a hero buddy

You are a “HERO”

– Ink Blur



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