Northern Star – A True Hero

2017-06-26 (2)


Smile, Smile my child he said

Live each day like it’s your last

Who knows what lies ahead


I got lost, I got lost

In the large jungle of his warm eyes

His heart is pure as skies


He never gives up

Hope is always alive

He finds sunshine under the dark cup


Those beautiful wrinkles say a lot

His favorite song

His favorite thought

Memories he always shared, that is my darling spot


Whatever he does, he is the best

Told me, Always work hard, don’t worry about the rest

He empowers me when I am with a tough time

Whenever I think of him,

The wind makes a sweet rhyme


His blessings always follow me

He is a large shadow protecting me

He is the man I can look up to

Provided my eyes a wonderful world view


I am so lucky to have him as my grandpa

Found the best in me

Helping me work on my flaws


He is my memory

He is my treasure

He has ears that truly listen

Arms that always hold

Love that’s never ending

And a heart that’s made of gold


I know he is always there holding my hand

He provides me strength, that none can understand

I don’t know where I am going,

But he promised it would be amazing

He promised it would be amazing..

-Ink Blur


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