A world resides far apart

Outside that glaring glass

She could see covered with liquid pearls, the shining grass


Up there she looks at the sky

That soothing light blue colour

The sun is really high

The birds are struck

With the glances of her wandering eye


Those rigid immovable trees

Tickled by the sun beams

A voice of relief from the cold breeze

Those bees catch her eyesight

To feed on honey is there delight


Far beyond near the horizon,

Uncanny beautiful mountains

Echos find their ways

But she looks for a consoling silence


Time passes by,

Day changes into night

Winter welcomes the spring

She looks at the blurred reflection

Past is my only imperfection


The windows make her a movie

Dive in, Dive into me

No, not this time, she says

Dosen’t wanna fake more smiles,

She very well knows,

Everything is my wonderful imagination..

It’s all imagination..

 – Ink Blur



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