Contrasting Celebrations

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He was really excited for the festival

Was trying to figure out the reality

Because it was incredible


Another one was trying to earn money

He was trapped, like many


Dad bring me lots and lots of firecrackers

Pollution or cost, doesn’t matter


Little boy had to take care of his mom  

He doesn’t carry his fate in his palm


Lots of sweets, lots of toys

New clothes and infinite love for him

There were so many joys


He was still busy figuring out how to arrange for dinner

His wallet kept getting thinner

His demands, he never considered


All his wishes came true

There were no issues

While He only dreamt of good food and school

Which never came true


He was surrounded with artificial lights

He never had those dark nights

However a small lamp was his only hope

His mother arms provided him delight


And finally it was the day of Diwali carnival

Where he was burning the marvelous crackers

He did turn to look  

Searching for the last customer

There was something really beautiful about that innocent face

But there were no words in his life book.

It was the same, everywhere I looked.

No matter where I looked..

-Ink Blur

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